Our five core service areas:

1. Materials

  • Environmentaly inert cements and complimentary materials to cater for the wide range of applications
  • Ultrafine and Microfine Portland cements
  • Special “blocker” set-controlled cements
  • Essential performance enhancing additives

Note: Multigrout® is derived from the notion of a multiple number of materials, i.e. a materials suite, that can cater for a wide range of multiple applications

2. Engineering Support

  • Working with designers, specifiers and constructors on problem definition, solution development, design, specification and performance criteria

3. Application methodology

  • Working with constructors and specialists sub-contractors on a project by project basis
  • Materials and methods selected on basis of required outcome
  • Work method statements and systematic procedures
  • Hands-on, at the tunnel face, practical grouting support

4. Training

  • Information seminars on grouting and its application potential
  • Training programs for tunnel/grouting crews and site engineering personnel
  • Training tailored to the specific application and work environment

5. Equipment

  • Grouting packers – inflatable hydraulic packers or simple mechanical packers of varying lentgths to suite a range of applications
  • Grouting pressure gauges (various ranges) with diaphragm seals or simple “gauge protectors”
  • Testing apparatus – Mud Balance, Marsh flow cone, bleed apparatus etc, complete kits can be made to order
  • Grouting Platforms – complete grout plant consisting of colloidal mixer, agitating tank and grout pump – high pressure piston pump or low pressure progressive cavity pump
  • Project hire or new purchases